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Origin:  Trimble County, KY


Genres:  Americana "Blues-Grass" Country 


Years Active:  2020 - Present



About the Band

The Jordan Tyler Band is a high energy country band that brings their own sound to a variety of rocked up country music with a splash of Southern rock that has taken the Kentuckiana music scene by storm! If you're looking for a band that captivates the crowd, brings a party to every venue, and sells the hell out of beer. Then look no further! This is a show you have to see live. 

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Brittany Adams-Mefford
(937) 838-0072
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"Jordan Tyler is the total package! We get a lot of musicians who come through here, even some awesome Nashville talent. Many of them have the great voice. Some have the powerful stage presence. But very few have it all together. The first time I saw Jordan sing I knew he had something special"

- Jerry Wade, Owner/Operator Mad Paddle Brewstillery

Upcoming Shows

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